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Clinical Science

Apply your passion for tackling real-world challenges in the areas of global, Indigenous, tropical, and individual health.

Medical Laboratory Science

Develop the knowledge and skills to work as a medical scientist.


Become a Pharmacist with a focus on remote and rural practice, and play a vital role in improving the health of the community.

Exercise & Sport Science

Become a qualified health professional in this fast growing industry.


Gain the knowledge and skills to solve issues affecting human behaviour. 

Social work

Develop the skills necessary to work with communities, families and individuals.

Health Science

Help fill the gap in Australia’s health workforce in primary, public and preventative health.

Professor Dominic Upton
Professor Dominic Upton

Message from the Dean

Our College brings together scholars in the health and human sciences who are passionate about tackling real-world issues and opportunities.

Courses span biomedical and clinical sciences, pharmacy, sport and exercise, psychology, and social work. We also provide structured progression onto other professional training, such as medicine and physiotherapy.

Located in Australia’s Top End we are uniquely positioned to explore issues of national and regional importance such as tropical medicine, Indigenous health and mental health.

We offer placements in the Northern Territory, Australia and around the world, and an abundance of research opportunities. Many of our staff and students link to the Menzies Health Research Institute, completing internationally recognised research with a global impact.

Our programs report enviable graduate employment rates, indeed some of the highest in Australia. Whatever your aspirations, our engaging and dedicated academic and research staff will help you broaden and expand your horizons and realise your ambitions.

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