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Faculty of Health

Health Sciences

Engage with the public and primary healthcare sector.
Health sciences student

Health Sciences graduates are health professionals who fill the gap in Australia’s health workforce in primary, public and preventative health. They are focused on keeping Australia’s population healthy.  

Changing the focus of health

The Australian health system has traditionally had an acute care focus, which tends to cascade to health students. Given that we have a major increase in chronic conditions and an ageing population, health reform is vital. 

76% of Australians ranked preventative health in the top ten priorities for the Australian Government. Our challenge is to ensure our students are aware of the changing focus of government policy from acute to primary health and recognise the opportunities this presents for them as professionals.

Public and primary health

The Bachelor of Health Science offers you opportunities to engage with the public and primary health care sector. The course includes diverse and innovative units aimed at addressing many of Australia’s health challenges. A strength of the course is the focus on culturally safe health care and Indigenous health.  

Culturally safe care

Culturally safe care refers to the provision of care that is sensitive to the historical, social and political context of clients, their families and communities.

You'll become familiar with models and theories of community work and approaches to community development, as well as develop an awareness of the skills necessary for effective and progressive community-focused practice.

Graduate pathways

Health Science graduates work in areas of health promotion, project management, health policy and community development, as well as many other areas requiring primary health professionals.  Additionally, this course provides prerequisite knowledge and skills suitable for applying for graduate programs in allied health, public health and medicine, including a specialist stream into Occupational Therapy. The course offers an ongoing pathway for CDU TAFE graduates.

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