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Indigenous Futures

Help to ensure the advancement, transmission and preservation of Indigenous knowledge systems.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Analyse worldwide issues such as globalisation and social and political change.

Humanitarian & Disaster Resilience

Make a real difference locally and globally.

Creative Industries & Innovation

Take advantage of industry demand for graduates in the Creative Arts fields.

Professor Ruth Wallace
Professor Ruth Wallace

Message from the Dean

Our College prepares students to be creative thinkers and innovators in a complex changing world. We bring together expertise in Indigenous knowledge practices, human geography, disaster preparedness and management, languages, humanities and the creative industries. 

Our reputation is based on extensive partnerships with government, industry and community stakeholders to address social, cultural and economic issues in:

  • sparsely populated regional areas, including northern Australia
  • developing regions, including SE Asia - particularly China, Indonesia and Timor-Leste
  • Indigenous knowledge, social, cultural and economic futures.

Our research and teaching draw on the strength of the Northern Institute and the interdisciplinary expertise of our D-Labs.

D-Labs are multidisciplinary teams within the College primarily engaged in teaching, research, networking and business development. Together, academics, research students and industry professionals will examine solutions for emerging social, cultural and economic issues in challenging contexts.

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