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Faculty of Arts and Society

Key people

Faculty Executive

Pro Vice-Chancellor: Professor Ruth Wallace | Research profile

Associate Dean - Innovation: Darius Pfitzner | Research profile

Associate Dean - Research: Steven Greenland | Research profile

Associate Dean - Learning and Teaching: Sulay Jalloh | Research profile

Associate Dean - Work Integrated Learning: Lisa Papatraianou | Research profile

Dean of Law: Alan Berman | Research profile

Head of Discipline - Business and Accounting: Maneka Jayasinghe | Research profile

Head of Disciplines - Humanities: Adelle Sefton-Rowston | Reasearch profile

Head of Discipline - Education and Enabling: Raelke Grimmer | Research profile

Northern Institute: Kim Humphery | Research profile

First Nations Sovereignty and Diplomacy Centre: Gawura Wanambi (Research profile) and Yasunori Hayashi (Research profile)

Academy of the Arts : Amanda Morris | Staff profile

Faculty Manager: Vacant

Quality Manager: Bek Burnett | Staff profile

Accreditation Manager: Linda Manning | Staff Profile

Centre Directors

Centre for Creative Futures – Paul Wungumurra  (Research profile) and Jen Deger (Research profile)


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