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The basic guide of Aussie Slang for international students

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G’day mate! You may be familiar with the English language, but people in Australia like to take it to a whole other level, with the technical term for Australian slang being called Strine. 

Australians tend to speak quickly, and it may take some time to understand them. Not to worry - Australians are well known for their down-to-earth nature, so they won’t mind repeating or explain themselves.

You’ll notice that Australians also love to abbreviate everything . For example: afternoon = ‘arvo’, University = ‘uni’.

There are a few Australian slang words that you should learn to help you get through day-to-day living. We’ve compiled a list of commonly used Australian slang words you can start practising today. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start talking the Australian talk. Most importantly, have fun with the Aussie slang - you will soon be accustomed to it! 

 A - Z of Aussie Slang

Arvo = afternoon

Aussie = Australia

Avo = avocado

Bail = to cancel plans

Barbie (or BBQ) = barbecue

Bloke = man

Bludger - someone who is lazy

Boot = trunk of a car

Bottle-o = bottle shop or liquor store

Brekky = breakfast

Call it a day = finish what you’re doing

Crack up = funny

Darb / Dart= cigarette

Defo = definitely

Devo = devastated

Fair dinkum = far out

Footy = football (Australian Football League - AFL)

Fridge = Refrigerator

G’day = hello

Give someone a bell = give them a phone call

Go halves = go halves in something

Hard yakka = hard work

Knackered = being exhausted or really tired

Maccas = McDonalds

Mondey = Monday (replace ay with ey for every day of the week)

Mozzie = mosquito 

Mucking around = playing games, being foolish

Nah yeah = Yes

Onya = short for “good on you”

Push-bike = bicycle

Rego = registration

Servo = petrol/gas station

Show you the ropes = show you how things are done 

Sheila = woman

Sickie = “sickday” – a day off work usually not related to actually being sick

Spewin = not happy

Smoko = break during work usually including a cigarette and something to eat or drink

Sunnies = sunglasses 

Sus = suspicious

Ta = thank you

Thong = flip flop

Tellie/telly = television

Vego = vegetarian 

U’e =  a U-turn with your car

Uni = university

Yeah nah = no

You can check out some more hilarious Australian slang in this video here

It’s time to start practising your Aussie slang with your mates! 

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