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Make this Summer your most productive yet

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The Summer break is virtually upon us, and the long, hot days of Summer are looming large, and stretching out wonderfully and seemingly endlessly ahead. 

Whether you’re taking an extended break, working, or even studying; this is a time to stop, reflect and explore how you can make this Summer and the year ahead your best yet. Here's 10 practical tips to make this Summer more productive and meaningful.

1. Do something new

This Summer, make sure you take new challenges and try something you haven’t done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been, say yes to something you always say no to or start that degree you've always thought about, whether to pursue your passion or change career.

You could even start studying as early as November this year with Summer Semester. It's a great opportunity to chase that study dream and get ahead while every one is taking a break!

2. Read

Reading is a great way to take your brain to places it might not have gone before, without leaving your comfy chair. Visit your local library, bookshop or check our ultimate Summer reading list.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering or helping out those less fortunate than you has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, broaden your mind and improve your overall wellbeing. It can also look good on your resume and stand you in good stead for future professional opportunities.

It doesn’t have to be menial work. If you have certain skills, offer them to local not-for-profits. Volunteer at one of the many fundraising events local charitable groups hold, or help take score at your local sports club’s junior matches. There are numerous opportunities out there. Go forth!

4. Get your resume in order

If you’ve finished your studies, now’s a good time to update your resume with your academic or work achievements. Think about any part-time work you’ve done while studying, and any professional achievements or important projects you finished while studying. Update your offline and online profiles and get them in good shape.

5. De-clutter your life

This can be as involved or as uninvolved as you like. If you have some downtime, take the opportunity to review and remove what you no longer need or what no longer serves you. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your home, your front yard, or even your relationships, decluttering can be incredibly therapeutic.

6. Travel

Go near or far; just go. Travel broadens your horizons, opens your mind and is just really, really important. Create a budget, find a travelling companion, or just go by yourself and take off.

7.  Talk to strangers

While you might find this really confronting, talking to strangers can lead to important connections, both personal and professional. Make it your goal to engage one stranger in conversation at least once a day. This could be in the coffee shop, at the bus stop, supermarket or wherever you are. You never know where it might take you...

8.  Learn something you don't have to

Studying towards a qualification you need to begin or progress your career is one thing. But learning something new 'just for you' can be incredibly rewarding and enriching - and you never know where it could lead! Learning can actually improve your brain and place you in a good mindset for whatever life may throw at you. It could be a language, a hobby, a new sport, anything! 

9.  Do nothing

Make sure you also take time do nothing. Sit, meditate, or just enjoy your natural environment. It will keep your centred and not so lost in the “busyness” of everyday life.

10.  Create

Write, sew, draw, paint, knit, craft, sing, code. Don’t worry that you’re not creating something of value. Just create for the sake of creating. It can be incredibly satisfying.

This Summer, make the time to pursue your passion, build on your talents and follow your dreams – and apply to start studying a degree today! Not sure which course is the one for you? Book a call-back appointment and we will contact you to discuss any questions you have. 

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