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Qualify Faster with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This article appears in: Vocational Education and Training
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What is RPL?

In the vocational education training (VET) sector it is possible for students to fast-track their formal qualifications through Recognition of prior learning

RPL is a process that determines whether the skills, knowledge, and experience you've gained through your previous study, work, or life experience can count towards a vocational training qualification at CDU. 

Based on your experience, you may be able to partially or completely qualify for a certificate or diploma, without having to undertake further study and relearn what you already know

What evidence can be used? 

An application for RPL evidence is required of your experience, knowledge, or skills. This evidence can be presented in several ways and come from a range of sources. 

Evidence of prior learning can come from formal (qualifications) or informal (work and social activities) experience. The most common example of evidence is previous or current work. Other sources of evidence include certificates, courses, licenses, volunteer work, and many more. Speak with the team to discover if your experience can fast-track your qualification. 

Why apply for RPL?

RPL uses the skills and experience you have already gained to speed up the process of achieving formal qualifications, freeing up your time to use your new training.  

Eligible NT residents applying for Northern Territory Government-subsidised qualifications will have their $95 RPL fees waived for 2022. Find out more about RPL fees.  

Getting started

Lodge an expression of interest to start your RPL application today

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