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Amrit's building a bright future with a Master of Engineering

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Amrit at work

When Amrit graduated from CDU with a Master of Engineering, he was excited about his future career in the construction industry. Thanks to the network he built while studying in Darwin, it didn’t take long. 

“When I was studying, I had many opportunities to connect with people from reputable companies,” says Amrit.

He knew the importance of these connections and how they could help him.

“Once I finished my study, I started communicating with those people to see if I could have a catch up to talk about opportunities in this industry. I got a job with BMD within a week.”

Mixing business and pleasure

When he’s not working, Amrit enjoys all that Darwin has to offer.

“I’ll spend time with my wife, and we’ll go out to restaurants or camping,” says Amrit.

“I regularly catch up with friends at the Darwin Ski Club because it's a nice lookout over the ocean and a great place to have a drink and relax. On the weekends, I play football, and I am part of a local sports team.”

Amrit enjoying Ski Club

Why Darwin?

Amrit calls Darwin home and encourages others to do the same.

For someone considering work and study, I recommend coming to Darwin. There are so many opportunities here for people, particularly in the construction industry, and the lifestyle is great.

Contact us today and learn more about studying engineering at CDU.

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