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Australia Award Scholarship recipient, Nadia, is mastering malaria research

This article appears in: Health, Humanitarian, Disaster and Emergency Management, Studying in Australia

While spending her early career as a research assistant studying malaria at the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) in Jakarta, Nadia became aware of the work being done by our own Menzies School of Health Research on the disease.

With strong links between the two institutions, Nadia was inspired to enrol in a postgraduate program in Darwin, taking on a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Research double degree at CDU. She applied for, and was successful, in receiving an Australia Award Scholarship

“Since 2013, our Research Unit at the EIMB has had an active research link with Menzies School of Health Research,” Nadia says.

Research excellence



We have been involved in various research collaborations aimed at both prevention and treatment for malaria in Indonesia, from epidemiology, diagnosis, molecular parasitology, and evaluation of the impact and cost-effectiveness of public health interventions.

This type of quality research work recognised CDU at or above world average in 82% of the specialist research disciplines assessed in the 2019 Excellence in Research for Australia report. A brilliant achievement for such hard-working researchers.

Even more importantly, this work is saving lives and money, contributing to more than $500 million in healthcare savings as a result of prevented malaria outbreaks in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Enjoyable, interactive classes


Nadia is keen to contribute to this work and has been supported by the incredible staff at CDU.

“So far, my experience on studying at CDU is really wonderful, the staff were really supportive and helpful with everything that I needed help with,” she says.

The classes were very enjoyable, interactive, and fun and the lecturers were very approachable, supportive, and helpful as well.

Life in Darwin



Moving to Darwin and studying at CDU has been a great decision for Nadia. The climate took som getting used to but now she’s loving it.

“I came to Darwin in the wet season so it was hot and humid but I got used to it,” she recalls.

I love the clear blue sky, the clean air, the beaches, and the sunset. I also love that Darwin is so culturally diverse.

Nadia recommends CDU and wants international students to know that they can make Darwin their home easily.

Darwin is a really laid-back city, there are many student clubs and communities that will suit you. You will find many friends in Darwin!

As for the future, Nadia just wants to keep researching so she can contribute to better health outcomes for the future.

I want to build up my research career so I can hopefully contribute to malaria research and other public health research.

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