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The birth of a new career as a midwife: Alicia’s story

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alicia burrows getting heart rate checked by coworker

When Alicia Burrows gave birth, it wasn’t just her daughter that she fell in love with. It was also the idea of pursuing a new career. 

Following her dream of becoming a midwife, Alicia now juggles family, study and a career in law. But she doesn’t regret a thing. She knows that bringing new life into the world is going to be special for both her and her career.

After the birth of my second child, I realised that I wasn’t completely fulfilled with my current career.

“I enjoyed my pregnancy journey, and when I was discharged from hospital, I knew I wanted to explore becoming a midwife," says Alicia.

Alica Burrows plays with mothers and children

With an established career as a lawyer and procurement manager, Alicia did have some reservations about changing paths. However, bumping into one of the midwives from hospital confirmed her choice.

“I mentioned my plans to her, and she said it’s the best career and I wouldn’t regret doing it,” says Alicia. “From there, I just had to wait until applications opened.

CDU was the obvious choice for my midwifery degree because it offered flexible study that fit perfectly with my family and work life.

Finding her tribe online

Alicia says that there have been many highlights during her study. She’s made many study buddies online who have supported her and studied with her. In fact, she’s been so inspirational to others that she was appointed vice president of the student council.

Alicia says that being active and engaged online has really enhanced her study experience, as have work placements.

“Student groups and social media groups have been so helpful to me, especially when I’ve been busy,” she says.

The placements have definitely been a highlight. Getting to witness the births of many babies has been so special.

“Work placements have given me a taste of what to look forward to, and I believe that experience and the opportunities CDU has given me to grow and learn will make me stand apart from others when I’m ready to enter the workforce.”

Change is in the timing

Alicia and co-worker

Alicia’s family were initially apprehensive about her career change and the time commitment it would involve. However, she was quick to address their concerns.

“I explained to my family how important this change was for me and I’ve done the best to ensure my study has minimal impact on family life," she says. 

Alicia currently juggles multiple commitments and studies when she can, including during lunch breaks at work, when her daughter is napping or at night.

Studying an online midwifery degree is really about being organised and managing your time effectively. I have a very supportive and flexible workplace, and this has been crucial too.

Making the most of uni life

Even as an online student, Alicia knows that her study experience comes down to community. If she was to give younger self some advice, she'd say: "Get involved. Join student groups and attend university events - online or on campus - to make friends. Some of the best friends you’ll ever make will be at university and they will be an important network when you graduate,” she says.

The more experience you can get the better.

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