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Creative problem solving: Visakh’s interest in engineering

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Visakh has always enjoyed creativity and problem solving. When choosing his future career, studying engineering made perfect sense.

“I’ve always been interested in engineering as I’ve always been creative,” says Visakh. “Engineering allows me to research, evolve, and think and do things in a distinct and original way.”

After achieving his bachelor’s degree in India, Visakh made the life-changing decision to pursue his masters in Australia.

Dynamic courses

Visakh chose to study Master of Engineering with CDU as he was able to accelerate his study and specialise in mechanical engineering.

CDU appealed to me because it has a good science program, and I wanted to learn from some of the best minds in the country.

Visakh’s study experience at CDU has been memorable.

“CDU's work-integrated degree really helped prepare me for the workforce,” says Visakh. “I had extensive access to online learning tools and was able to participate in high-quality professional placements where I could apply what I’d learnt in the classroom to real-world situations.”

Building connections

Visakh embraced the opportunity to become part of CDU’s stress-free environment and to interact with other students. CDU’s Buddy Program also helped Visakh to form long-lasting friendships. 

“I was able to make new friends thanks to the Buddy Program. The program can make new students feel welcome, answer questions and assist them in acclimating to the CDU culture,” he says.

As a result, they feel more at ease and feel a sense of acceptance and belonging to the CDU culture sooner.

A warm welcome

Darwin’s tropical climate, fresh air, low pollution and small population were appealing to Visakh. Since arriving, he’s realised the city has so much more to offer.

“Darwin is unlike other big cities and provides a unique way of life. It's where Australia's metropolis meets the Outback,” he says.

Darwin is a fantastic spot to live if you enjoy nature. It also has lots of cultural, sporting, entertainment, lodging, and travel opportunities.

Explore the engineering courses at CDU, and learn more about studying in Darwin.

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