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An "unexpected" MBA journey helped Ellie thrive in business

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MBA student Ellie holding book on campus

Ellie had grown up in her parents’ business and always knew she wanted to start one of her own. The Master of Business Administration at CDU gave her the “unexpected and utterly unprecedented experience” that would see her fulfil that ambition—and much more.

Ellie has travelled, lived and worked in a large chunk of the world, but it was the tropical climate and the opportunity to study at CDU that brought her to Darwin.

Enrolled in an MBA and inspired by the new skills she was learning, Ellie started her own online business selling saffron imported from Iran.

“Many of the studies required me to research and practise critical and analytical thinking, which resonates well with real-world situations. Some units I did enjoy were Entrepreneurship, Market Research and Organisational Behaviour.”

She credits the unit on Organisational Behaviour for highlighting the impact employees can have on an organisation.

“Although machines are somewhat replacing humans in certain areas, human resources are irreplaceable and the most powerful tools any company can possess,” says Ellie.

I did thorough research for the assignments and have applied the knowledge to build, develop and motivate a team of 50 sales agents in six countries to date.

A new direction

MBA student Ellie at Chinese Garden on Casuarina campus

With a business of her own ticked off the list, Ellie discovered another passion while studying her MBA.

The skills she picked up in digital marketing and visual content creation not only helped her own business, but they also sparked an interest in a totally new field: marketing.

Since graduating, Ellie has been working as a marketer in the hospitality, hotel and aviation industries. The networking opportunities offered by the MBA were key to landing her dream jobs.

Without an MBA, I do not think I would have had such incredible opportunities.

“Two out of these three jobs were through my network and colleagues,” she adds.

Looking to the future

Ellie’s MBA journey coincided with the global COVID-19 pandemic. She had to juggle her studies, running a new business remotely, being stood down in the middle of a lockdown, and everything in between. 

"What I learnt was something quite interesting: resilience," says Ellie, noting that her personal discovery mirrors the resilience required by the businesses of the future. 

“The world itself and the business world have gone through a lot of hurdles recently,” she adds.

Being innovative and adaptive while sustainable is now an absolute must.

Armed with her own business, a new career path, and the knowledge, skills and networks from her MBA, Ellie’s ready for anything the future may hold. 

Study a Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Enterprise) at Charles Darwin University like Ellie to be the driving force behind the future of business in Australia and beyond. 

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