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Environment protector to educated advocate: Meet Cassian

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Cassian Lushinge

After becoming an environmental manager in Zimbabwe’s oil and gas industry, Cassian felt he needed to develop his professional education with a master's degree in environmental science to better protect the environments under his care.

And now, thanks to a master's degree in environmental management, he helps to run an environment consultancy firm with a team of environmental engineers. It's given him the freedom to build solutions to environmental issues in manufacturing, wildlife management, infrastructure development, agriculture and tourism.

I am very proud that I am now an environmental expert who can work anywhere on this planet.

During his time in the oil and gas industry, Cassian followed strict regulation and procedures to be a professional advocate for the natural environment. Conservation might be the furthest thing from your mind when you think of the oil and mining industries, but not for Cassian.

There is nothing that can be done on the development of any projects without environmental experts. So, it is a very promising career.

Cassian believed his role as an environmental manager pushed him to deepen his education with a master's degree in environmental science. Especially when the role demanded responsibility over multinational programs.

"My role as an environmental manager for an oil and gas program spanned three countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique," he says. This included "issues of policy review at a national level, as well as strategic environmental assessment." 

The best environment for professional learning

When Cassian decided to undertake a master's degree in environmental science, practical learning was an important consideration. 

So much so that he left his home in Tanzania and travelled abroad with English as a second language in the hopes of finding a learning environment that complimented his industry.

CDU exposes environmental science students to relevant industries so you get hands-on experience. You are taught to think in other terms and be more independent. This really elevated my career. 

In Darwin, Cassian was able to engage with local ventures working with First Nations communities where the environment and community collaboration was a priority. 


Today, through his consulting business, Cassian uses his skills to advocate for the environment, crediting his practical and entrepreneurial skills gained during his studies.

Embracing his new home

Leaving behind his family and support system in Tanzania was difficult, but he found solace in Darwin's multicultural community. 

He names the "Australian lifestyle" as a highlight of his studies, along with "the new experiences of meeting new people from different professional areas in environmental science."

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