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Expanding Lahiru’s knowledge and passion through accounting

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Lahiru Master of Accounting

Arriving in Australian from Sri Lanka, Lahiru was excited to study a Master of Professional Accounting at CDU.

“I’ve always been a super career focused person and my main goal was to get an education which would set me up for success as an accountant who is informed about all relevant fields,” says Lahiru.

 “I did my research on a couple of universities and CDU had the best overall syllabus which would address my specific needs.”  

Living in Darwin

Lahiru was also drawn to Darwin as a location.

“I’m from Sri-Lanka, to be precise, a coastal town called Negombo which is pretty similar to Darwin,” he says.

 “Compared to big cities in Australia, I believe Darwin is the best place to kick start your career due to the vast spectrum of available opportunities.”


Lahiru has experienced several highlights while studying at CDU including working with the CDU Bookshop team and as a resident leader for International House Darwin.

“I’ve improved my people skills and matured a lot as a person through my experiences,” says Lahiru.

“As a part of the course requirement I’m currently doing my placement at Deloitte, and this has been wonderful so far. The CDU careers and placement teams put in genuine effort to secure the best opportunities in industry leading companies.”

Advice for others

Lahiru’s best advice to others is to do what makes you happy and keeps you engaged.

“I was never good at subjects which needed extensive writing, but numbers on the other hand always made sense. No one could argue or put you down if your math adds up and this was a huge driving factor for me when I picked accounting as a career,” he says.

“Constantly changing laws and regulations in accounting forces any good accountant to continuously invest in learning which makes every day’s work interesting.” 

Hopes for the future

“My main ambition when I came to CDU was to become the most skilful and knowledgeable accountant that I could become, and I believe I’ve achieved it for this stage in my life,” says Lahiru.

“I’m still learning every day, but CDU has set me on a good career path, and I aim to excel in it to the best of my ability.”

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