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Isha sees Darwin as home

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Isha international Student

Arriving in Australia from India, Isha is proud to be following her dream. She knows that a career in teaching will bring her joy.  

“I was conditioned to indulge in teaching-learning activities from a young age and grew up watching my parents gain immense satisfaction from giving their best to their students,” says Isha. 

Learning from her own teachers  

Isha’s own experience as a younger student contributed to her decision to become a teacher.    

“I had some of the most inspiring teachers whose classes and interactions have had transforming impacts,” says Isha. “It was a sheer joy to be in the class, and learning was a fun-filled miracle, despite many challenges in the path of learning. 

The teaching profession provides a unique opportunity to shape young minds and keeps the teachers young, energetic and professionally updated.” 

Isha’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit is already shining through.  

“I’ve been teaching IELTS and PTE, both offline (now in Darwin) and online (globally), for the past two and a half years,” says Isha. “Since moving to Darwin I’ve also started my own small business of silver oxidised jewellery, Ishara Jewels.” 

Isha's Jewellery Markets

Exciting career prospects  

Darwin is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with plenty of job opportunities. As a student it was my priority to choose a city that’s a continuous hub for skilled and qualified science teachers, especially for CDU graduates,” says Isha.  

“CDU graduates are offered the best career and employment opportunities due to the unique relationship between CDU and NT government.” 

Darwin as home  

On arrival in Darwin, Isha was hit by the humidity. But she quickly got used to it.  

“Once I started living here, my entire perspective changed as the heat is bearable and my body adapted to it with time,” says Isha.  

Since then, Isha has embraced Darwin’s perfect mix of nature and city life.  

Darwin is a small city, so I don’t have to travel much from one place to another,” says Isha. “I love that Darwin offers plenty of cultural, sporting, entertainment and travel opportunities throughout the dry season. I feel like I’m celebrating one festival every weekend, as there are uncountable entertainment options.”   

Isha Crocodiles

Advice for others  

“I just wish to clarify that many students think that there are no job opportunities in Darwin as it’s extremely small, but believe me when I say that employment opportunities are high for CDU graduates in the Northern Territory,” says Isha. 

Isha also offers advice with regards to study.  

“One needs to consider the fact that since Darwin is small, owing to low population, the learning process here is more supportive and attention based.” 

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