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Julie is on a mission to better healthcare in her hometown

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International student Julie

From a young age, Julie has always been inspired by travelling and learning from different cultures. She set off on her studying venture at Menzies School of Health Research to pursue her career dream to improve the healthcare system back home in the Philippines. 

Julie - CDU International student video interview

Born in Saudi Arabia, Julie lived there for 14 years and then moved to the Philippines where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.  

Growing up in two vastly different countries gave Julie the perspective that different behaviours, economic freedom, and other factors have a significant impact on the overall healthcare system that a country provides. 

Both of her parents were nurses, so she had seen firsthand how this industry runs and functions. This has been a key driving force in her vision to better healthcare in the Philippines.  

I want to extend the reach of healthcare services to even the poorest people in my hometown and undertake research on how we could react more effectively to future pandemics and medical crises. 

A meeting of minds at Menzies 

International student Julie at Menzies

Studying Masters in Public Health at Menzies has given Julie the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are equally passionate about pursuing their dreams.  

Menzies is a major partner of CDU and is a school within the University’s Institute of Advanced Studies. 

Being with other students gives me encouragement to study harder all the while enjoying their company as we journey through this together.

Darwin suited Julie perfectly as the weather and climate is similar to the Philippines. It is also geographically closer to her hometown, and she enjoys the slower-paced lifestyle for optimal learning.  

There have been differences and challenges that Julie has come across whilst studying in Australia. The main factor being the difference in learning methods. She feels the system at Menzies allows students to learn in a broader fashion with less supervision and more independence.  

Growing networks and becoming a leader 

Julie enjoys the way Menzies helps nurture students and empowers them to be future leaders in their field. 

The educational system in place at Menzies is excellent. The professors and staff fully support the students in every way and the campus provides complete facilities for learning.   

The Australian slang words have also been an unusual navigation for Julie to get used to, but she has soon picked up common words and phrases along the way.  

Julie’s number one advice for future students at Menzies is to make friends and build connections with people.  

"Embrace all the challenges that come your way and enjoy it. A smooth sea will not make a skilled sailor so be confident in the fact that each challenge brings a lesson to be learned," she says.

Learn more about Julie's study story in the video below: 

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