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Lloyd's studying humanitarian aid to make the world a better place

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International student Lloyd

After a challenging childhood in the Philippines, Lloyd wanted to dedicate his life to helping people in need. He found a way to do that by studying a degree in humanitarian, emergency and disaster management at CDU. 

With a burning passion for humanitarian work and volunteering, Lloyd knew he wanted to be of service.  

My dream is to be of service to others, especially to the vulnerable people in the community. I'm studying humanitarian aid to broaden my knowledge so that I will be able to be of service and encourage other people as well to serve humanity.

Before coming to Australia, Lloyd was a teacher to high school students, where he taught disaster readiness and risk reduction.  

"I have embraced the teachings of Spanish priest and theologian, St Ignatius de Loyola, and these teachings have opened doors for me to immerse myself into volunteer opportunities." 

International student Lloyd holding koala

Endless opportunities at CDU 

At CDU, Lloyd is studying a Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community studies to gain a deeper insight into humanitarian work and community engagement. 

He first heard about CDU from friends who had graduated and shared their wonderful experiences and spoken about the excellent employability outcomes.  

Embarking on his move to Darwin, Lloyd had to adjust and connect to a new community and cultural differences. He quickly found studying at CDU has broadened his experiences through the opportunities that have since crossed his path. An advocate for international student rights, Lloyd was a StudyNT student ambassador, Australia Red Cross volunteer, and National Equity Officer for the Council of International Students Australia. 

I want to be the voice for the students who are underrepresented and often don't have the courage to voice out their concerns and ideas.

With a handful of commitments on his plate, Lloyd is learning to balance his time efficiently. He explains that good mental health, social connection, and community participation have been vital self-care rituals during Coronavirus and studying online.  

International student Lloyd fishing

The gift of studying 

Although there can be challenges, Lloyd sees studying as a gift that everyone should appreciate and cherish.  

A new world opens for you, and great opportunities are always ready to be explored. Studying can bring new goals that you never knew that you would be able to achieve.

After graduating, Lloyd will pursue a Masters in Disaster Management and Emergency Response and take his new-found knowledge and skills back to the world of teaching. 

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