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A Master of IT offers Sanjana a wealth of career paths

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Sanjana Front Shot

Sanjana arrived in Australian from Bangladesh with a motivation to build on her existing skills and study a Master of Information Technology at CDU.

“I used to work in financial crime risk assurance and was always intrigued how data gets used in understanding patterns and making useful decision, says Sanjana.

“I started my journey with the goal to become a data analyst, but as I’m exploring more, I know that the possibilities are limitless.

In the future, I’d like to work in a capacity where my experience in risk industry, my knowledge in data science and information systems along with my creativity gets fully utilised.”

The perfect location

CDU and Darwin offered the perfect combination that Sanjana was searching for.

“I love being in nature as it makes me feel calm and going to the beach is one of my favourite activities,” says Sanjana.

“When I found out that Darwin was all about nature and sea beaches and that my chosen subject was offered here, I felt like it was meant to be. I know that I made the right decision to be here.”

Sanjana Darwin Sunset 2

Overcoming challenges

Sanjana has successfully overcome challenges during her studies by managing her time and finances. She’s also taken full advantage of the support offered by CDU and continues to give back through the Buddy Program.

“My advice for students who are struggling with balancing and managing lots of different aspects would be to prioritise your goals and act on the most important thing you want to achieve,” she says.

“For students considering studying at CDU, I would say to make yourself aware of the departments and teams who are dedicated to helping you with your concerns. Everyone is helpful and wants to support you on your journey.”


While studying at CDU, Sanjana experienced multiple opportunities and events that were beneficial for her wellbeing and future career.

"I took part in two programs of the CDU Careers Department and a short work placement in Digital Learning Design (DLD) Team of CDU,” says Sanjana. “This helped me to understand the Australian work culture as well as the use of creativity along with information technologies.”

Sanjana has also been an active volunteer for different causes including IT CodeFair, Bangladeshi Students Association and the College of Engineering, IT and Environment (CEITE) Accept.

“Volunteering through CDU has broadened my horizons and helped me to connect with very inspiring people from diverse backgrounds,” she says.

“Wellbeing opportunities like free painting classes, networking opportunities and Buddy Programs are also things I’ve enjoyed and found great for my wellbeing.”

Sanjana presenting

Words of advice

So, what are the things that Sanjana wishes she knew before arriving in Australia?

“Regarding Darwin I can say that I wish I knew how wonderfully accepting and welcoming this place is. I found the people are warm hearted and always want to make you part of the community,” she says.

“The thing I wish I knew before is that we should never delay in asking for help as most people will help you if you reach out or at least give you a great deal of advice which can ease your concerns.”

Sanjana Darwin Sunset

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