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Master IT - path to career success for Digita

This article appears in: Alumni stories, Information Technology
Digita CDU Alumni

When Digita arrived in Darwin from Nepal, she was hopeful that her study would lead to big things. Turns out she was right.

She currently works at NEC Australia as an Incident Management Officer.


IT Code Fair

While at CDU, Digita volunteered at the IT Code Fair.

“The IT Code fair is one of the biggest events organised by students and it’s one of the best opportunities I’ve had,” says Digita.

“During my first semester I saw that multiple students participated on some of the projects to showcase their skills and meet potential employers.”

Digita was lucky enough to meet her future employer at the Fair.

“I found out that NEC was looking for employees, so I applied and got selected,” says Digita. “I started my corporate career as incident management officer.”

Digita IT Code Fair

Working together

Thanks to her degree, Digita’s transition to the workplace has been easy.

“When I was in my second semester, I learned all the theory that I’ve been able to implement in my corporate career. I’ve been able to put it all to practice in the field.”

Being with familiar faces has also helped her feel settled.

“Lots of my colleagues graduated from CDU and so we’ve been working together which is fun” she says. “I think we’ve all achieved great things.”

Surrounded by beauty

Digita feels lucky to work in such a lovely place.

“Darwin is a great place as it’s full of fun-loving and welcoming people,” says Digita.

“The weather is tropical and there are tonnes of things to do like fishing, walking or watching the sunsets. The best thing is that everything is only 15 to 20 minutes away.”

Digita also loves the work-life balance that Darwin offers.

Digita Darwin Esplanade

Final words

“Darwin is full of growth and opportunities, so it’s a great city for exploring what you want to do, believing in yourself and achieving your goals.”

If you’re ready to achieve your study and career goals, contact us today. Living and working in Darwin is an opportunity not to be missed.

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