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Ngoc’s on a mission to make learning fun

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Despite previously studying business, Ngoc found herself interested in pursuing a career in teaching. She began looking for a flexible degree that would allow her to become a teacher in Australia.

She discovered that at CDU, she could study a Master of Teaching and be able to register as a teacher in just two years. 

She moved from her home country of Vietnam to Darwin, Australia. 

Inspirational teachers

During her high school years, Ngoc’s math teacher always inspired her to learn, even when the topic wasn’t particularly interesting. 

She found it fascinating that her teacher could make ‘boring’ maths concepts like geometry and linear relations engaging by linking them to their practical application.

“This ignited my curiosity and interest in learning mathematics,” she says. 

At CDU, Ngoc feels supported by all her lecturers. They encourage her to speak up and seek help when she needs it.

“They respond quickly to all my inquiries to clarify any issues during the course."

I've learnt teaching strategies and ways to assist students from CDU lecturers. I also get lots of advice for my teaching journey, like ways to scaffold learning and ways to build positive relationships with students.

Time in the classroom










Ngoc has thrived in her placements throughout her studies. 

CDU’s Master of Teaching (Secondary) course includes three placement units. In each placement unit, there are two parts; the first part includes five weeks of in-class learning, and the second part is a placement at an NT school.

Before receiving her placement, Ngoc submitted an introductory profile that outlined her preference for teaching. 

InSchool then arranged a placement with an NT school that matched these preferences. 

“I started my first placement after the second semester at Darwin High School. I'm currently on my second placement at Darwin High School, and I expect to have the final one soon,” she explains

During my placement at Darwin High School, the teacher mentor was helpful and gave feedback after every lesson I taught. I also receive support from my course coordinator who evaluates my placement report. This report allows me to see where I can improve.

A helping hand

Ngoc has taken the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering.

She has worked alongside the Smith Family, a charitable organisation that helps children through education programs. 

Ngoc says this has broadened her network and improved her communication skills and confidence. 

“I have also volunteered with Inspired NT, managed by Dr Carla Eisemberg - Lecturer in STEM Pathways from College of Engineering, IT & Environment," she says.

I helped at a STEM outreach event at Casuarina Library, engaged kids and inspired them with robotic coding.

Connecting with other students










Ngoc was thrilled to be a part of the Buddy Program at CDU.

This program helps new international students find their feet by pairing them with current students. 

I enjoyed it because it is highly valued by the University and requires volunteers to show an excellent understanding of new students' needs and promote CDU culture and values.

After she graduates, Ngoc hopes to secure a teaching position in an NT school. 

"I love teaching and working with children. I’m working hard to improve the teaching strategies and engagement techniques to deliver compelling lessons."

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