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Shuanghong boosts her skills by learning on the job

This article appears in: Business and Accounting
Shuanghon at Mindil Beach Markets

Shuanghong Wen took a chance on herself when she moved to Australia to study at CDU. CDU’s supportive learning environment and opportunities to gain practical experience have changed the direction of her life and the minds of people back in her home village. 

Growing up in a small village in Yiyang, China, Shuanghong did what many young people do; she went to a big city to work to help support her family. 

"I obtained my Bachelor of Economics while I was working full time as a Project Officer in Shanghai. After that, I told my parents I wanted to pursue study and life in Australia."

Trusting her instincts

Shuanghong’s plans for the future weren’t met with much enthusiasm by her parents who had lots of concerns about her studying abroad. But Shuanghong trusted her instinct and pursued her Australian study dream. 

Never in my life had I ever thought I would one day study accounting in another country; numbers and English were never my favourites. 

"When I read about the career possibility and professional recognition of doing a Master of Accounting (Professional Practice) from the CDU website, I jumped at the chance."

International alumni Shuanghong

Getting industry-ready

It was the quality of education, the outcomes for graduates and the professional placement opportunities that made CDU the best choice for Shuanghong. 

The placement program enabled me to connect my studies to the real world. I graduated industry-ready and secured a full-time position through the placement. 

"Studying at CDU made me more confident about what my future holds, and this has opened up so many more possibilities."

Shuanghong also had the opportunity to work in the CDU Free Tax Clinic to sharpen her skills and gave her practical knowledge and confidence. 

" I traveled to every part of Northern Territory to help Territorians with their tax returns and financial goals. This experience had a profound impact on my career." 

Now, Shuanghong is working as a Finance Assistant for the Northern Territory Government in the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation. She’s playing a pivotal role in helping to stimulate the economy of the Northern Territory in this uncertain environment.  

"Serving the public reflects my values. Most importantly, I was the first person in my village to leave China to follow a path to university in Australia," she says.

I have opened up the mind of my parents and now they are proud of what I have achieved.

Shuanghong has a piece of advice for those thinking about moving to another country to take on the challenge of studying. 

"Take chances in your life. Don’t hesitate to make bold decisions because of the uncertainty; trust yourself because you would never know what you can achieve until you do it," she says.

Who would have thought a girl like me from a small and poor village could make her way to Australia? Nevertheless, I proved to everyone that I could.

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