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Shushan’s working at Deloitte and loving every minute

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Shushan at Deloitte

Shushan’s father was an accountant before he retired. From a young age she watched him work and developed an interest in numbers. Studying Accounting at CDU has meant that she’s been able to follow in her father’s footsteps.

“Currently, I’m working as an external auditor in the audit and assurance service line at Deloitte Darwin,” says Shushan.

“’Every day is different’ is the best sentence to describe Deloitte’s work culture. I enjoy learning and challenging myself every day. My three-year goal is to complete my Chartered Accountant study and become an experienced audit analyst.”

The perfect study location

“I chose to study at CDU because of the top-quality education at an affordable price and cheaper living expenses compared to other parts of Australia,” says Shushan.

Living in NT as an international student, I’ve received so much support from CDU and the local communities. To give back to the communities, I regularly volunteer with various not-for-profit organisations.” 

Shushan in the NT

Studying during the pandemic

COVID-19 was a challenging time for students, but CDU fully supported Shushan in continuing her studies.

“We could only have face to face classes for one semester, and the rest of the semesters were online studies,” says Shushan.

“Even though it's hard to communicate with the lecturers and classmates, CDU tried their best to provide us with the most valuable online study experience.”


Shushan’s internship at Deloitte provided valuable experience and set her up for career success.

“I was so lucky to have my audit internship in Deloitte Darwin in the last semester,” she says. “During the internship, I experienced real on-the-job training as part of the client engagement, and I built up my professional manner and way of thinking.”

Shushan notes that Deloitte's work culture is one of the things she loves most about the organisation.

“The management team is trying to create a "taking care of each other" working culture. Whether you’re an intern or a graduate, you’ll have your buddy and coach who can guide and help you daily.”

After three months of on-the-job training, Shushan was delighted to receive her graduate offer.

The future

Securing a dream job in a dream location means that Shushan is here for the long term.  

Shushan on the Big Red Bus

“Darwin has so many conveniences and benefits,” says Shushan.

“It has the warm, tropical weather, welcoming communities, multicultural environment, prosperity aboriginal culture, stress-less lifestyle, and endless outback adventure compared with the crowded and busy metropolis.

I’m keener to live a laidback and close-to-nature lifestyle, which makes Darwin the perfect choice.”

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