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Studying and tutoring, the life of a Education student

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Sophia Student Vietnam 3

Anh Thu Mai (Sophia) always planned on being a teacher. By studying a Bachelor in Secondary Education at CDU she’s well on the way to achieving her goal.

“I’ve always been passionate about learning English, but also like visual arts,” says Sophia. “I was thrilled when I learned I could become both an arts and an English teacher.

I wanted to study in an English-speaking environment to interact with other customs and cultures and experience new things, so Darwin felt like the perfect fit.”

Sophia had some initial concerns about moving to Darwin. But she quickly realised there was no need to worry.

“I wish I’d known that Darwin is a multicultural city, so I didn't have to be so scared before I came here,” she says. “I also wish I’d known about all the events and help that CDU provided in the first year so I could adapt faster.”

Sophia Student Vietnam 2

A welcoming place

CDU’s open and accommodating environment have made Sophia feel at home.

“What I like most about CDU is that everyone’s friendly, helpful and supportive of your study,” says Sophia. “The professors care for each student and you always get timely feedback to improve your skills.

CDU has different workshops and tutoring programs to help with your academic study and assignments and there’s always different events where you can introduce yourself to companies and create opportunities for your future career.”

Overcoming challenge

Since moving to Australia, Sophia has successfully overcome some challenges.

“I’m here alone in a different country with different cultures and languages,” she says. “I’ve no relatives here, so it was hard for me initially. But eventually, I adjusted with help from the schools and new friends.”

Advice for others

Sophia believes that becoming part of the CDU community has helped her thrive and advises other students to do the same.

“Don’t confine yourself to your room or your safe space,” she says. “I know you’ll feel lonely and homesick at first, but try to make friends and enjoy all the new things here because it’ll benefit you and your future if you want to have a career in Australia.

I recommend following the CDU and your community page because there are always events, seminars and workshops to help international students.”

Sophia Student Vietnam

Hopes for the future

Sophia is currently working to gain experience and support her studies.

“I’m working at Kumon which is a tutoring centre for students after school,” she says. “I enjoy it because I like working with children, and it’s the healthiest workplace I’ve ever been to.”

After she graduates, Sophia looks forward to gaining work experience on the graduate visa once she completes her studies.

“I also want to open an English centre for people of all ages so that everyone can learn English.”

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