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Tackling real-world challenges with engineering

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Kieran Marchant middle

If you’ve always had an interest in science, maths and technology, see how you can apply these theories to practical challenges and help shape a better future.     

Kieran Marchant completed a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering at CDU, with the ambition to work on a revolutionary project at the pinnacle of technology to meet the needs of the world. Here’s his story… 


Kieran Marchant graduation


As a high school student, I enjoyed all my subjects, especially chemistry, mathematics and physics. I knew that I wanted to do a science-based course because of my desire to understand the world we live in. From there, I was introduced to the field of engineering, which was a perfect fit for me because it involves applying science to real-world problems.

Back then, my biggest concern was having the confidence that I would succeed at the university level. In high school, the university and course selection process was daunting, due to the perceived pressure of this decision on the rest of my life. In reality, the flexibility of some courses allows students to experience a variety of different areas before having to make a final decision on a career pathway.

Studying engineering at CDU provides unique opportunities

I am interested in pursuing a career in the energy industry, to supply the power to run the world. For anyone interested in studying science or engineering, my best advice would be to meet with professionals in the industry to see what a career would be like in that field. I would also advise to talk with university staff and students prior to applying, to get an idea of which course options are available.

As an engineer, sustainability and application of technological advancements are at the forefront of the industry and my career path. Personally, I am interested in pursuing a career in the energy industry, to supply the power to run the world.

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