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High school to uni

  • Father and teenage son having a friendly discussion

    COVID-19 and uni: Q&A for Year 12s

    If you’re getting ready to transition from high school to further studies amidst COVID-19, you probably already anticipated a more stressful year than usual. The pandemic, the lockdown, and the economy wobbles have added a few more worries. So, how should you be preparing for uni? 

  • Teenager and their parent having a discussion with a third person

    COVID-19 and uni: Q&A for parents

    If your child is getting ready to transition from Year 12 to tertiary studies, there’s understandably an extra layer of anxiety in your household amidst COVID-19. Here's how you can help them navigate the many opportunities still available to them.

  • Person walking along a white arrow on road indicating two different directions

    What to do after high school

    Finishing year 12 can be very exciting and a little confronting. If you’re considering your options, going to university is a great choice – but it’s not the only choice. Here are five options you could consider.

  • Male traveller with backpack overlooking a mountain view

    Why COVID-19 doesn’t mean giving up gap year goals

    If like many high school leavers, COVID-19 has curtailed your gap year plans, we have good news. The plans may need to be adjusted, but you can still kick your gap year goals while studying.

  • Illustration showing a money, wallet, coffee and mouse on table

    How much does uni cost?

    Your desire to study doesn’t have to be held back because you think you can’t afford it. Let's remove the mystery about study expenses, find out what to budget for, and look at options to reduce your costs.

  • Male student wearing high-vis clothing sitting at a desk in a classroom

    The difference between higher education and VET

    In Australia, tertiary study falls into two categories: Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET, also known as TAFE). The type of study you choose will depend on your career goals.

  • Concept image using arrows to show a change in direction

    How to plan for a change of uni plans

    We’ve all had to face quite a few changes in 2020. If you’re a year 12 student, you probably had a pretty good idea of how you wanted 2021 to look. Perhaps that’s no longer possible in quite the same way. Here's some advice on how to cope with a change of tertiary study plans.

  • CDU student Muriel Scholz smiling at the camera

    Meet 5 high school grads who stayed local and love it

    Considering your options for study after high school? If, like so many other Territorian teenagers you’re considering whether to stay home or head south, meet others just like you who chose local.

  • Piggy bank

    Financial support for study: What help can I get?

    It can be daunting wondering how you’re going to pay for university study and the costs that come with taking time to study, such as child care or reduced working hours, but there is help out there for you.

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