Janusz Kwasny

Lecturer in Flute

Janusz was born in Poland and started his musical education at state government primary and secondary music schools.

In 1974 he continued his studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow. Since 1975 he also took position as the principal flute player with the Krakow Chamber Orchestra (Capella Crcoviensis). With this prestigious orchestra, he toured frequently around Europe.

In 1979 he completed his masters degree with the highest distinction and in 1982 he moved to Western Australia where he became a member of the Western Australian Opera Company and Western Australia Symphony Orchestra on a casual basis. He also was a member of the very well known Concord Trio with Michael Jeffries and Michael Goldchlager.

In 1998 he took a position as a flute lecturer at the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University) and as the principal flute player of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

Today in Darwin, Janusz remains heavily involved with music education through a variety of music programs in the Northern Territory.

Janusz Kwasny


T: 08 8946 6957
E: janusz.kwasny@cdu.edu.au

Casuarina Campus
Building Orange 6, Level 1, Room 17