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Master of Public Policy Student Presentations

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Join us and support our Master of Public Policy students give their final presentations. 

These presentations were online only via Zoom. Recordings are only for student reference and are not available to the public. 


The strategies for policy decision-making in developing a sustainable workforce model for the General Practitioners (GPs) in Darwin and the regional Northern Territory, Australia. 

The acute shortage of General Practitioners in Darwin and the regional Northern Territory has emerged as an emblematic obstacle to accessing primary healthcare. In Darwin and beyond, the scarcity of GPs has exacerbated wait times, stretched resources thin, and left communities underserved. This presentation addresses the critical shortage of General Practitioners (GPs) in Darwin and the Northern Territory (NT) and its impact on primary healthcare services. The study examines the changing GP workforce in medical practices over the past ten years and the factors contributing to this trend. This research delves into optimal techniques and workforce models to offer valuable insights for policymakers in crafting a sustainable workforce plan for general practitioners. Utilizing a mixed method explanatory sequential approach, this study draws on statistical data obtained from NT Primary Health Network (PHN), NT Rural Workforce Agency (RWA), and other pertinent stakeholder groups' reports, articles, and journals for quantitative analysis. Furthermore, qualitative analysis draws on the most up-to-date peer-reviewed articles and journals.

MPP Student Prabhath Silva
Prabhath Silva 

With over 18 years of experience as an Infantry Officer in the Sri Lankan Army and a BSc Management degree (defence studies), Prabhath has worked with the government in the aftermath of the civil war to rebuild the war-affected areas. He has been involved in rehabilitation, resettlement, and reintegration programs in the country's remote and rural Northern and Eastern parts. This experience has inspired him to pursue a master’s degree in public administration, particularly interested in regional disparities and cross-sectoral planning. Prabhath is a result-oriented individual who is passionate about working in regional areas to improve the living standards of residents.

Unveiling educational disparities: exploring the factors affecting the attainment rates of Year 12 among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Northern Territory. 

This desktop analysis investigates factors influencing Year 12 attainment rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in NT, comparing them with non-Aboriginal students in government-funded schools from 2017 to 2022. Utilizing theme-based analysis, the study aims to identify barriers to school completion. By focusing specifically on government-funded schools and employing a desktop-based method, this research aims to shed light on the complexities surrounding educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the specified region. Insights gained from this study could help identify areas for improvement to promote inclusive education.

MPP Student Sunaida David
Sunaida David

Sunaida completed her medical school in the Philippines before returning to her hometown in South India. Her experience working in remote and rural area hospitals in her community sparked her interest in policy-making, recognizing the unmet needs of the underserved. In 2022, she journeyed to Darwin to commence her Masters in Public Policy at CDU, determined to explore innovative approaches to address issues faced by the people.


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