Research Leadership, Scholarship and Dissemination

The Northern Institute is a hub for research expertise, leadership and impact for stakeholders. Northern Institute’s researchers are recognised nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields.

Our research teams work through partnership with context experts locally and content experts internationally to bring together a deep understanding of people, policy and place.

Our researchers explore and adapt theory and methodologies to key research issues.

Researchers focus on sharing research outcomes through a number of avenues that relate to the range of stakeholders we work with.

Our capacity is developed through the involvement with PhD and Masters by Research students who can examine issues deeply, through partnership with stakeholders as well as the Public Policy postgraduate programs offered online to policy makers and policy partners internationally. 

Our research makes a difference for our stakeholders from working with people on the ground, analysing data to understand the situation or supporting stakeholders in government, industry and community to ask and answer different questions.

We invite policy and research leaders to connect to stakeholders through our forums in person and online.