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Faculty of Science and Technology


Research in Mechatronics focuses on the design and control of axial flux electric motors.

The axial flux motor demonstrates similar properties to the "normal" radial flux architecture except that is very short in length and has a much larger diameter.

Whether this is an advantage or not depends upon its application, but it most certainly has led it to acquire common names such as a pancake motor or disk motor.

Since the late 1980's, research into axial flux machines has shown that this alternative topology has a promising application to low-speed direct drive systems.

To date, the school has developed axial flux machines for use in:

  • solar racing cars
  • high-performance electric vehicles
  • electric bicycles and scooters
  • ceiling fans
  • evaporative air-conditioners.

This machine architecture continues to achieve electrical efficiencies and volumetric power densities beyond its radial counterparts in direct drive traction systems.

Research Coordinator: Prof Friso De Boer.

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