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Faculty of Science and Technology

Welding engineering

Joining of material by welding is present in almost every aspect of manufacturing of metal products today. And not just metals! There are now welding processes for joining polymers and composites.   

In order to obtain a reliable weld joint, a number of welding processes can be applied. As each of them significantly influences material properties. The proper selection of welding technology and parameters regarding the applied material (or materials) is just the first step in design and production of quality weldments.

Research students will have the opportunity to investigate different aspects of welding application and control in the School using contemporary facilities and extensive library sources. 

Charles Darwin University offers PhD and Masters by Research programs. There are opportunities for prospective new postgraduate students interested in research. Scholarships are available to cover the tuition fee and living expenses.

The research projects and possible PhD and Masters by Research may include:

  • arc and solid-state welding processes 
  • welding automation
  • welding metallurgy
  • influence of welding process parameters on joint properties
  • predicting temperature profiles in weldments
  • welding parameters monitoring and control
  • arc based additive manufacturing
  • metal transfer analysis using high-speed camera techniques
  • effect of hydrogen on weld failures.

Research Coordinator: Stefanija Klaric

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