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Faculty of Science and Technology

Wireless technologies

Wireless transmission systems are a well-known technology in modern telecommunications.

In recent years, this technology has been specifically developed to support different types of high-speed wideband applications such as internet, video conference and multimedia.

Error control coding is represented as an effective technique improving quality of data transmitted over noisy communications channels. Using this technique, data protection is accomplished by increasing redundancy to the original data.

To date, various Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes have been implemented relevant to different applications.

For high-speed transmission systems, it is essential that FEC codes are constructed with an optimised transmission delay, while they maintain their capability to effectively protect data against channel noise.

Research investigates new schemes of FEC codes suitable for next-generation high-speed wireless transmission systems.

It aims to construct reliable codes compatible with other constituents to increase the error detection and error correction capability of transmission systems.

Research Coordinator: Dr Sina Vafi.

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