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In this section, we take you through some of how you can write using an academic style which is appropriate and grammatically correct. We provide you with information on what to expect and how to go about achieving a satisfactory academic style, including the use of inclusive language.

If you come from a background where English is not your first language, it will be helpful to you to look at the section on common problems in language construction. If you feel your style is too informal or relaxed, read the section on making your language sound formal and what to avoid. There is also a useful guide on using punctuation and including the ideas from research literature in your writing.

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Essay mapping tool

This tool may help you to bridge from planning to drafting by helping you arrange your sentences in a logical order. It also provides tips for each component of an essay – the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Study Skills workshops

Contact our Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP) staff for more information about free academic skills and study help workshops.

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