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Introducing foundation maths

Foundation maths skills are used in many different courses and jobs.

Foundation maths skills are used in many different courses and jobs. You might be a first-year apprentice completing a trade or an international student studying hospitality or a mature student enrolled in an education degree for primary school and you are looking for help to understand and complete your units.

This section will introduce you to the main ideas for each foundation skill. Each skill will include a short instructional video and some practice tasks. 

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Think about the different maths skills you know and when you may use them. You may have skills in some areas but not in other areas of maths.

Click on the hotspots in the following images.

This task hopefully helped you reflect on when you may need to use foundation maths in your studies. You should also find your units on Learnline or talk to your lecturer. They will provide you with your learning materials and assessments. This will help you discover which specific skills you need for your course. 

Here is a list of the most common Foundation Maths skills a student might need at CDU. 

  • Pythagoras Theorem

  • Trigonometry 

Did you know CDU Language and Learning Advisors offer a range of study support options?


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