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Values and Culture

Respect. Now. Always.

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Sexual harassment is never okay

Charles Darwin University is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning, working and living environment. Sexual assault and sexual harassment are unacceptable.

CDU is part of the national Respect. Now. Always. campaign, which seeks to prevent sexual assault and harassment.

Along with all 38 other Australian universities, CDU took part in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2017 ‘Change the Course’ survey and report into sexual harassment and sexual assault at Australian universities. CDU put in place a range of programs, training and support to raise awareness of the issues and provide advice on actions to take. CDU has an established RNA Committee, and the online module ‘Consent Matters’ is available to students and staff. Community forums are held each year and there is a network of staff Contact Officers who can provide information in confidence.

If you are a student or staff member or know of a colleague or student who is affected by sexual assault or harassment or you have any questions, please contact Equity Services on 08 8946 6288 or email, talk to your lecturer or course coordinator, manager or OPC representative, or talk to anyone who will support you to seek help. 

    Urgent Assistance

    Ring 000 - for Medical, Police or fire services.

    CDU Counselling Service
    T: 08 8946 6288

    CDU After Hours Crisis Line
    Free call: 1300 933 393

    CDU Security National number
    Free call:  1800 646 501

    Access campus security and support services

    The Respect. Now. Always. (RNA) initiative, aims to raise awareness among university students and staff that sexual assault and harassment are unacceptable and to ensure that avenues of support are available, appropriate and easily accessible.

    Based on the survey results for all Australian Universities, the Australian Human Rights Commission and Universities Australia have both made recommendations aimed at helping universities to reduce and prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.

    The recommendations are set out in the Change the Course report and in Universities Australia’s 10-Point Action Plan.

    View Charles Darwin University's report

    CDU introduced three measures following the report:

    1.  Consent Matters: the course
    2. Establishment of Contact Officers on all campuses and online. Contact Officers are CDU staff that can be contacted by students or staff to assist them in accessing services or deciding on an action to take.
    3. CDU holds annual community forums about our work on RNA. The next CDU forum will be held in April 2020. The forum will have speakers, the chance for discussion and updates from the RNA committee.
    Consent matters: The course