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College of Engineering, IT & Environment

Key people

College executive

Dean: Professor David Young | Research profile

Executive Assistant to the Dean:  Danielle Choveaux | +61 8 8946 6781

Associate Dean Learning Futures:  Dr Stefanija Klaric |Research profile

Associate Dean Research, Innovation & Research Training: Associate Professor Hamish Campbell | Research profile

Associate Dean Industry Engagement:  Brett Willowhite

College Manager:  Dr Jessica Marin-Ulloa

Discipline Chair Engineering:  Professor Friso De Boer | Research profile

Discipline Chair Environment: Christine Schlesinger | Research profile

Discipline Chair Information Technology: Krishnan Kannoorpatti | Research profile

VET Team Leader Environmental Studies: Robyn Wing

VET Team Leader Agriculture and Rural Operations: Alison Haines

VET Team Leader Electrotechnology and Plumbing: Brett Willowhite

VET Team Leader Auto Transport and CivilLeith Darrach

VET Team Leader Engineering and Construction: Mark Fudge

Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL)

Director: Professor Karen Gibb | Research profile

Energy and Resources Institute

Director:  Professor Suresh Thennadil

Course coordinators

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and related undergraduate degrees: Luis Herrera Diaz | Research profile

Master of Engineering:  Hooman Mehdizadeh Rad| Research profile

Bachelor of IT and related undergraduate degrees: Sami Azam | Research profile

Master of IT: Bharanidharan Shanmugam | Research profile

Bachelor of Science:  Nicola Stromsoe | Research profile

Diploma of Science: Sean Bellairs | Research Profile

Bachelor of Environmental Science:  Keller Kopf | Research profile

Bachelor of  Science (Hons): Brett Murphy| Research profile

Master of Environmental Management and Graduate Certificate in Spatial Science: Penny Wurm | Research profile

Student Advisor:  Krishnan Kannoorpatti | Research profile