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Faculty of Science and Technology

Key people

Faculty Executive

Pro Vice-Chancellor: Professor Suresh Thennadil | Research profile

Executive Assistant to the Pro Vice-Chancellor: Annika Bell

Associate Dean Innovation: Dr Carla Eisemberg | Research profile

Associate Dean Learning and Teaching: Dr Bharani Shanmugan I Research Profile

Associate Dean Research & Research Training: Dr Vinuthaa Murthy | Research profile

Associate Dean Work Integrated Learning: Dr Hooman Mehdizadeh Rad | Research profile

Discipline Chair Engineering: Associate Professor Stefanija Klaric | Research profile

Discipline Chair Information Technology: Professor Sami Azam | Research Profile

Discipline Chair Environment: Associate Professor Christine Schlesinger | Research profile

ERI Director:  Vacant

RIEL Director:Professor Sam Banks Research profile

Course Coordinators

Diploma of Science: Dr Sean Bellairs | Research profile

Bachelor of Environmental Science: Dr Keller Kopf | Research profile

Bachelor of Science: Dr Erica Garcia | Research profile

Bachelor of Science Honours: Dr Dylan Irvine | Research profile

Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-Op), Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours, Associate Degrees (XICT01, XNENG1) and Diploma (YNENG1): Dr Asif Karim | Research profile

Bachelor of Engineering Honours and Bachelor of Science/Master of Engineering degrees: Dr Luis Herrera Diaz | Research profile

Bachelor of Engineering Science, Associate Degree, Diploma and Undergraduate Certificate:Dr Taslima Khanam I Research profile

Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Extended courses:Dr Milad Bazli I Research profile

Master of Project Management:Dr Hooman Mehdizadeh Rad| Research profile

Master of Environmental Management: Dr Penny Wurm | Research profile

Master of Applied Spatial Science and Graduate Certificate of Spatial Science: Dr Richard Crabbe | Research profile

Master of IT (Artificial Intelligence), Master of Data Science and Graduate Certificate of Data Science:Dr Yakub Sebastian | Research profile

Master of IT (Software Engineering), Master of IT (Cyber Security) and Graduate Certificate of Information Technology (Cyber Security):Dr Charles Yeo  | Research profile

Master of Information Technology (Information Systems) and Master of Information Technology (Information Systems and Data Science): Dr Jamal El-Den | Research profile

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