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Postgraduate research opportunities

Integration of Green Hydrogen for Energy Storage and Dispatch in Grid Systems

PhD opportunity (Paid Study)
ERI research

About the Project

Integration of Green Hydrogen for Energy Storage and Dispatch in Grid Systems.

This project is linked to the Regional Research Collaboration Program in collaboration with Central Queensland University (CQU) for the ‘Development of Hydrogen Applications for Regional Industries’ project. The research will comprise of detailed mathematical modelling of different scenarios and options and testing them in CDU’s state-of-the-art Grid Systems Testing facility. The aims are to develop control and optimise islanded and grid-connected renewable energy systems to integrate green hydrogen for energy storage and dispatch according to demand.

Climate change concerns have resulted in governments around the world committing to replacing fossil-fuels with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. There has been a continuous increase in the amount of renewable energy fed into electricity grids. However, the intermittency and unpredictability of renewable energy sources pose challenges to the stability and reliability of electricity supply when the renewable energy contribution to the energy mix is high. To address these challenges, efficient energy storage solutions which can supply electricity on demand at short (seconds-minutes) and long (hours – days) time scales are required. Green hydrogen produced from solar or wind resources has the potential to serve as a long-term renewable energy storage source.

Scholarship and financial support

A Domestic Scholarship valued at $35,000 per annum, for 3.5 years from commencement, is open to Australian citizens/residents or New Zealand citizens.

A top-up scholarship of $5,000 per annum will be provided for exceptional candidates. Additionally, the successful student will have access to generous support for project travel costs.

International applicants are also welcome to submit an expression of interest. If suitable, the student will be invited to apply for the International Research Training Program Scholarship scheme, and a tuition fee waiver scholarship.

About you

  • You bring a high level of academic merit and research background that PhD course entry requirements at CDU (or the International RTP Scholarship requirements for international students)
  • A graduate or post-graduate degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Qualifications or experience in Electrical Engineering will be desirable.
  • Research  skills and Research experience (study or work) in the field of renewable power systems including energy storage and conversion technologies (e.g., battery, supercapacitor, fuel cell) will be prioritised.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to conduct self-motivated research,
  • Quantitative skills and programming experience (e.g. R, MATLAB, Power Factory), or a willingness to learn.

Application process

  • Please note that applications will be assessed as they are received, and once a suitable number of applicants have been merit assessed, the preferred candidate will be invited to apply for a PhD enrolment online. We therefore encourage early application.
  • Attach your CV and a brief statement describing your background, research experience and interest in this research project and submit an expression of interest.

Please send your expression of interest to ERI Director, Prof. Suresh Thennadil.

Apply  now

The application deadline is 1 March 2024

Diversity and Inclusion

At CDU, we actively celebrate our diversity. We innovate, embrace new ideas, and act with courage and kindness. We’re about what we can give to the world rather than what we take, and we believe in the transformative power of education. We work hard to make sure every member of our university community feels that they truly belong. Understanding that it is through our focus on our people and leveraging our differences that will make CDU the most connected university in Australia, we are striving to ensure that our culture and our community are inclusive of all our staff, students and visitors. We are committed to maintaining a culture where everyone feels respected, safe, encouraged to speak up and supported in achieving their professional goals. Applications from First Nations people, women at all levels, culturally and linguistically diverse people, people with disability, neurotypical and neurodiverse people, LGBTIQ+ people, people with family and caring responsibilities and people at all stages of their careers are welcomed.

You make CDU. And we want you to be exactly who you are.


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