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Bao is engineering a new career

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When Bao made the difficult decision to leave behind his career in Ho Chi Minh City, he felt nervous. Studying Master of Engineering at CDU has completely banished those nerves.

“I lived in Ho Chi Minh City for over 10 years before moving to Darwin earlier this year to pursue my Master of Engineering with CDU,” says Bao.

“Moving here was one of the toughest decisions in my life because I had a great job in an international company as a production manager and was the youngest member of the company’s leadership team.”

Wheels in motion

Working for his previous employer, Bao learnt how to operate machinery and gained a thorough understanding of the principles of mechanics. But he was keen for more.

“As a team leader, I had to make a lot of important decisions in my work, so I felt a strong desire to expand my knowledge in the mechanical engineering sector and pursue an engineering career,” he says.

A work trip to a manufacturing plant in Australia sealed the deal.

“I found the Australian people friendly and sweet, and the atmosphere of the country was peaceful,” he says. “I started thinking about a new journey in Australia from then.”

The building blocks of home

Bao chose Charles Darwin University because of its reputation, high academic standards and graduate success.

The area also reminded him of home.

“The Casuarina Campus in Darwin has the same atmosphere as Vietnam, so I was able to adapt quickly to my new environment when I moved here to live and study.”

Bao  -Bryan 2

Overcoming obstacles

“English is the most challenging point for almost all international students,” says Bao. “Most people here don’t speak traditional English. They talk in Australian slang that can be hard to understand.”

But Bao hasn’t let this obstacle stand in his way.

“I’ve tried to overcome this by practising speaking with local people as much as possible through working, studying, making friends and volunteering.”

Bao - Bryan 1

Teamwork makes the dream work

Before studying, Bao knew the importance of meeting new people, making friends and working with others. CDU has highlighted this further.

“Group working helps students engage and develop a great team in their studies and future careers, and it’s a crucial skill that employers want to see,” says Bao.

Settling into CDU has also been a positive experience. 

“There are so many great opportunities in Orientation week where you could make new friends, learn about the facilities and library, and be welcomed by the CDU team.”

Bao is excited to continue his study and launch his career as a professional engineer. The difficult decision to pursue study in Darwin has proven to be his best yet.

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