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High achiever Eugenia didn't hesitate to stay local for uni

This article appears in: Business and Accounting, High school to uni
Accounting student Eugenia in Casuarina campus library

After receiving an impressive ATAR score, Darwin school leaver Eugenia was going to be spoiled for choice when it came to choosing courses and universities. She didn’t hesitate to stay local.

Tertiary study was always on the cards for Eugenia, but the specifics were pretty blurry.

Throughout high school, the thought of studying business had been in the back of her mind, but it was a family connection that set her down her current career path.

“Having two aunties as accountants, I was inspired to pursue a career in accounting.”

I chose CDU as it allows me to study my desired degree whilst being close to home.

“This is important to me as it allows me to be around and supported by my family and friends all the time.”

The highs and lows of high school

Comp winner Eugenia and friends on her to Year 12 Formal

Year 12 can be really stressful, and Eugenia admits her final year of high school wasn’t easy.

Not only was she worrying about living up to the academic expectations she set for herself, Eugenia experienced a devastating loss in the family - not to mention having to complete her exams during a global pandemic.

“I was worried that these pressures and the profound negative impact of COVID lockdowns and mandates would affect my academic performance,” she says.

“I overcame this by going easier on myself, and by being focused on trying my best rather than the final result.”

There were, however, some positive aspects to an otherwise overwhelming year.

“Receiving my ATAR was one of the top highlights of my studies. Leading up to it, I prepared myself to be proud of my achievement no matter the rank,” Eugenia says.

“To find out that my ATAR exceeded my expectations and my desired course requirements was such a rewarding feeling.”

Year 12 Graduation was another firm highlight of the year. Eugenia was the winner of CDU’s Ultimate VIP Year 12 Experience.

“Thanks to CDU, my graduation experience will remain unforgettable as my best friends and I were provided with the opportunity to arrive at Formal in a Tesla X. CDU also paid for my hair and makeup on the day and rewarded me with a $700 eftpos voucher for the ultimate VIP experience on this special day.”

Advice for Year 12 students

Having been through it all, Eugenia has a piece of advice for the next cohort of school leavers.

When the world around you seems to be all chaos and crisis, Eugenia recommends putting your studies and your self-care at the front of your mind.

“All you can do is try your best, so don’t be too hard on yourself,” she says.

“And do not be afraid to ask for help.”

From first year to the future

Accounting student Eugenia on Casuarina campus

As she enters her first year of her Bachelor of Accounting/Diploma of Laws, Eugenia is looking forward to the personal growth that often comes with a big life change.

“I find it challenging to put myself out there and meet new people,” she says.

In my first year of uni I am looking forward to making new friends, being more independent and in control of planning my own time.

Eugenia was also awarded the Dean’s Scholarship for High Achieving School Leavers, allowing her to focus on her studies with fewer financial concerns.

So, what of her plans after her accounting degree is done and dusted?

Once she graduates, Eugenia hopes to start her career by working full-time as an accountant.

“My CDU experience is preparing me to make an impact in my chosen field.”

Like many Darwin school leavers, Eugenia was stoked to stay close to home to study her accounting degree. Whether you're in the Territory or elsewhere in Australia, explore hundreds of courses, diplomas and degrees at CDU.

Explore 300+ courses

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