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What kind of student support can I get at CDU?

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CDU students walking across Casuarina campus

Starting university is an exciting time as you immerse yourself in new surroundings, meet new friends and take on study challenges. However, it’s normal to feel anxious. How will you adapt to university? Will you meet like-minded people? How will you cover all your fees?

Here we look at the support available at CDU to ensure your experience is one to remember.

Social support

Making friends and engaging with other students is part of what makes university such a great experience. In fact, it’s at university that many students make friends for life.

Whether online or on campus, CDU provides many opportunities for you to engage with others and find your 'people'.

If you’re studying externally, there are multiple online clubs, groups, and social media platforms you can join to stay connected. On campus, there are numerous ways to set up your own student support network.

In addition to this, the CDU Student Association offers an extensive range of clubs. Offering everything from sports and exercise to magic and religion, you’re bound to find a club that appeals and one where friendships will grow.

If you’re passionate about being connected to students, you can also become part of CDU’s Student Council

Don't forget to stay up to date with all the goings-on across campuses on the CDU Facebook page and CDU Student Life Facebook page.

Academic support

CDU offers a range of student support services to help you confidently complete your studies.

Free and confidential language and learning support is available to all students throughout their time at university. One-on-one support will help you to understand the requirements of assignments, develop your study skills and assist you with exam preparation.

In addition to this, free study skills workshops are available for all online and on campus students. These workshops cover topics including study strategies, exams, assignment types and academic writing. They leave no stone unturned.

An array of online resources makes organising and staying connected with others easy. Tools such as the essay mapping tool, assignment scheduler and time management calculator help you stay on top of your studies.  

Online chats and forums also provide a good place for discussion and sharing notes.

Wellbeing support

Your CDU university experience should be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Prioritising your wellbeing is vital for you to achieve this. If you’re experiencing challenges, you can take advantage of free and confidential counselling with a CDU counsellor.

Issues you may want to discuss may relate to study, personal or relationship problems, mental health challenges or wellbeing concerns.

The counsellor will talk you through your issues or challenges and help you devise strategies to overcome them. They can also advise you on further support should you need or want it.

For any issues or concerns that you may have regarding your studies or learning support you can reach out to the student advocacy team.

Online support

If you're studying remotely, you might be worried that your learning experience won't be the same as it would be on campus. Remember that CDU has been delivering online education for a long, long time, so our staff are experienced in making sure nobody misses out on personal attention.

Learnline is our streamlined, state-of-the-art online learning platform. It's where you'll find all your learning materials, live classes, lecture recordings, online tests and group work. 

Blackboard Collaborate functions as an online classroom so you can engage with your lecturer and other students in your course, and participate in interactive activities. Online tutoring is also available 24/7 to help with assignments and coursework. 

If you experience any technical issues with Learnline, you can contact the 24-hour Learnline Support Service

Financial support

You don’t want your time at university to be overshadowed or limited by money concerns. With a range of financial support options available, that won’t be the case.

Financial support options can help to pay for textbooks and courses and entitle you to discounted services.

The Australian Government’s Study Assist website is a great resource, providing up to date information on what financial support is on offer for students. It also provides information on any upcoming reforms or changes to the student support system. 

Scholarships are a great way to fund studies and all CDU students are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are sponsored by individuals, businesses, government, community groups and the university to assist students with the financial burden of studying.

Scholarships are not only awarded for academic excellence. They also take into consideration, a student’s community and sports involvement, life circumstances and more.

Scholarships include international student scholarships, research scholarships and external scholarships.

Careers support

At CDU, planning your career can start as soon you like.

CDU’s career centre provides a wealth of information and resources to help you map out your future and find work while studying. Career counsellors can advise on employer talks, workshops, and career fairs, as well as internships.

On graduation, you’ll become a member of the CDU’s alumni network which allows you continued access to library resources, LinkedIn learning and a range of other benefits to support your career.

First Nations support

CDU's First Nations Student Services team provides high level support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at CDU.

These services encompass assistance with student admission and enrolment, orientation, development of individual learning plans, educational pathways, and scholarship applications.

The academic support team is also integral in assisting First Nations students to develop leadership, advocacy and representative skills and support the Indigenous Student Ambassador Program.  But the support doesn’t stop there.

The Tutorial Support Program provides free individual and group tutoring to eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students. From vocational education and training courses all the way through to students enrolled in postgraduate degrees, you can receive support through this program.  

This support which is funded by the Australian Government helps provides first nations students with tutoring on topics such as planning study workloads, research skills and time management.

With so much support available, you can focus on enjoying your time at uni. At CDU, we’re with you every step of the way. Join us.

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