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I'm living my best life at CDU Sydney

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Ashweeta and friend in the library

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most famous city with a lively and vibrant buzz that makes it the ultimate destination year-round. The city always has plenty of things to do no matter what the season and it's the perfect place for those students coming in from overseas to study here. We took the opportunity to speak to Bachelor of Accounting student, Ashweeta about her CDU Sydney experience so far.


Sydney Skyline

Why did you choose to study Accounting? 

I’ve always had a dream to become a chartered accountant, enrolling in this degree was the initial step to guide me down the pathway that will lead to my dreams.  

What stands out in your mind as a personal highlight of your CDU experience?  

The thing that I like most about CDU is the encouragement of cultural diversity. I go to uni with a variety of students from different cultures and backgrounds, they have always taught us to respect all cultures. Organising cultural events in the campus and encouraging one to share the specialities of their culture is the best thing about CDU. 

Would you recommend CDU to other prospective International students?  

Yes, I would definitely recommend CDU to other students. Choosing CDU will not only enhance their knowledge, but will also help them build their confidence and make them determined to overcome any challenges that come their way. The friendly and welcoming staff and office team will always be ready to help them tackle any issues that they may face throughout their journey at CDU.  

Would advice would you give prospective International students?  

Constantly reviewing the lectures, practicing the tutorials, paying attention in class and clarifying doubts (if any) with the lecturer are the key factors which can help us achieve good grades and maintain a stable student life. 


Ashweeta in Library

What is the best thing about studying at CDU? 

The best thing about CDU is that they focus not only on your academic growth but on your overall development. They teach you how to work in a team and how to interact with other people. Being an international student, Sydney was very new to me, but the staff gave me the tactics and the courage to cope in this completely new environment. I feel that CDU has made me a better person in every aspect. 

5 great ways for students to enjoy Sydney city:

  1. Take a bus to Bondi, Coogee or Bronte Beach for the day. You can find Sydney bus times here.
  2. Find out where Sydney food trucks are serving now.
  3. Hit up your local farmers’ markets for free food tastings.
  4. Take a trip to Manly on the Sydney Harbour ferry. Here are ways to get there. 
  5. Take in a show at the Opera House.  

Now is the time to study with a university for your new world at CDU Sydney. Our Sydney campus offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students in Sydney. Find out more about CDU Sydney. 


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