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Isabella helps save lives in Africa by studying at CDU

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Isabella International Midwifery Student

Isabella Garti was a midwifery practitioner and lecturer for more than 12 years in her home country of Ghana. Moving to Charles Darwin University, Darwin has supported her to focus on improving the lives of Ghana’s mums and bubs from across the world. 

As a midwife, Isabella’s career has been about helping expectant mothers get through pregnancy safely and deliver a healthy baby.

But in her home country of Ghana, pre-eclampsia – also known as hypertension or high blood pressure during pregnancy – is one of the highest causes of maternal death.

Pre-eclampsia is ranked as the second leading cause of maternal death globally. In many low and middle-income countries like Ghana, pre-eclampsia accounts for a large proportion of maternal morbidity, mortality cases and high neonatal mortality rates.

To reverse those statistics, Isabella is undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) through CDU. This research aims to improve the knowledge and practices of Ghanian midwives so they can deliver better outcomes for those women and babies most at risk.

Isabella International Midwifery Student with dummy

“I intend to develop a guideline which incorporates current recommendations and international standards for the management of pre-eclampsia that can be put into practice by the Ghana Health Service. It is also my desire to spearhead the development of a Masters in Midwifery curriculum in my country because currently there is no such program,” she says. 

Despite being in Darwin, Isabella can undertake her research and study relating to Ghana Health while at CDU. This is made possible by the support of her supervisors and a scholarship.

The supervisors I identified are highly skilled and experts in the area of my interest and the scholarship I received from CDU is a motivator and a great opportunity for me to do my research conveniently.

Picking CDU was an easy task for Isabella, with the university’s reputation setting a high benchmark for student outcomes.

Isabella International Midwifery Student in garden

CDU is ranked highly in terms of skill, research and graduate employment which are important factors to me. The academic climate is also very stimulating to young emerging researchers like myself,” she says. 

Now that her research is in full swing, Isabella can see the value in choosing to study a HDR at CDU.  “CDU is certainly a game changer in HDR. I recommend the university as a preferred destination for all potential HDR candidates who want an all-inclusive experience,” she says.

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