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From the Philippines to Sydney, study at CDU is everything Rhea wanted

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Rhea Garden

When Rhea started looking into Information Technology (IT) programs in Australia, she knew what she wanted. CDU Sydney met all of the requirements.

“I chose CDU based on the courses they offered,” says Rhea. “It’s one of only a few universities that offers a specialisation in Cyber Security, but still Masters in IT. Also, since I wanted to explore a lot, CDU’s campus is at the perfect location if I wanted to go somewhere.”

Wanting to learn more about IT to help her family’s business, Rhea was also attracted to CDUs graduate success.

CDU’s employment rate and scholarship ranges are also some of the reasons why I pushed with this Uni,” she says.  

Rhea Garden

Community life

Rhea quickly settled into study and life in Sydney.

“The community of CDU Sydney is what makes me stay here,” she says.

“Having such a close relationship between lecturers and staff is a big yes for me. I don’t feel intimidated by anyone I come across and just greet everyone good morning. It’s like we’re all equals, and you ask them for help anytime you need to.” 

All round support

Rhea is thankful for the ongoing support offered by CDU and encourages other students to take advantage of this.

“The best advice that I can give to anyone is if you don’t know, ask,” she says.

“I’ve seen one too many students or even professionals who fail to do the task because they didn’t ask. Lecturers and staff in CDU won’t let you down and will always help you to do your best.” 

Building experience

When Rhea started at CDU Sydney, she was worried about her lack of IT experience. These worries were quickly squashed.

“Since I didn’t have any IT background, I really started from scratch. But what made me love CDU more is the fact that the lecturers and the staff made sure that I wasn’t left behind,” says Rhea.

“They really did their best in asking me how I was doing, and teaching me all the groundworks that I needed in order to move forward with IT.” 

A bright future

Rhea is excited about her future and is confident that CDU has set her up for success.

CDU is number two in Australia for postgraduate employment,” she says.

“Right now, my goal is vague. If I’m given an opportunity to work full time as a Cyber Security Specialist or a Network Specialist, I’d go for it. But I’d still want to focus on how to expand my family’s business using the things that I’ve learned.” 

Want to expand your knowledge and skills in the world of IT in Sydney? Learn more here.

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