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Casuarina campus

Campus signage explained

Maps, signage and parking
Mal Nairn Auditorium

Precincts and buildings

Precinct colours

Each precinct area has been allocated a colour for quick and easy identification.

This method of identification is logical and beneficial for a broad range of demographic and language types to ensure its ease of understanding.

Building names and building identification

Each building on Casuarina campus has been allocated a colour according to its precinct and a number (e.g. Red 1, Orange 5).

Building numbers are determined in a logical manner to ensure easy orientation across campus and within precincts.

Certain buildings have proper names in addition to a colour and building number. In such instances the building colour, number and name will be represented on all signage. Existing buildings treated in this manner include the Library, Mal Nairn Auditorium and the University Theatre.

All internal rooms are identified according to their building level and room identification number.

For example, if you need to find building Orange 12.3.08, this means you're looking for room 8 on level 3 in building Orange 12. 

If you get lost, there is plenty of signage around and you can always ask staff Student Central or a Security officer on campus. 

Pedestrians and disability access

pedestrian directory

The campus map and directory clearly identify pedestrian and disability access entry points around the campus. They are identified by the universal information symbol (i.e. a white 'i' on a blue background).

The directory signs provide a clear map of the entire campus and show all buildings with their precinct colour and numbers, as well as an alphabetical legend of facilities.

All items within the alphabetical list are set against their respective precinct colour and number. Major roads, access street and landscape spaces are all labelled on the map as key points of reference.

Within the Casuarina campus area, pedestrian signs show the direction to buildings using graphics common to other signage and are located at key nodes and at the start of pathways leading into the campus. This enables quick orientation to buildings within the local precinct.

The pedestrian direction signs are located so they are present directly to pathways whilst remaining visible from across a car park or courtyard.


vehicle directory

In addition to pedestrian maps across Casuarina campus, vehicle map directory signs are located on the perimeter road. These appear visually similar to the pedestrian map directory signs in their presentation and will provide logical vehicle maps and routes around the campus.

Car park names and signs

All car parks are clearly mapped and signed and named by precinct colour and letter (e.g. Blue-D and Orange-B). These signs enable quick identification of location as well as parking permit and ticketing conditions.

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