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Research and Innovation

Associate Professor Jon Mason

Higher Degree by Research
Associate Professor Jon Mason

My primary research focus is engagement ‘with and within’ the digital environment and the implications this has for education and society. By necessity, this spans several disciplines. The place of AI in education provides a good example, as does social media, as does the world of ‘smart’, and as do the processes of international standardization of information technology. I also see a distinction between information and explanation as being pivotal as it provides a platform to explore beyond the ‘search paradigm’. Questioning is at the heart of all this. Extending further, I am also very interested in the relationship between inquiry and the development of wisdom, how ‘local wisdom’ provides a counterpoint to ‘global competencies’, accommodates intercultural perspectives, and how this might inform the development of future curricula in school education. Applications of openness also get my attention, such as open source, open access, open educational resources, open protocols, etc. Complexity is part of all this because somehow ‘anonymity’, and an implied right to it, is now perceived as a means to protect privacy but also collides with principles of transparent and open processes. I have an extensive publication record spanning nearly 30 years.

Research interests:

  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Data Literacy
  •  Open Educational Practices
  •  Inquiry-Based Learning
  •  Sense-Making
  •  Scaffolding Student Questioning
  •  Education 4.0
  •  Global Competency Frameworks
  •  International Standardization
  •  The Metaverse
  •  Ethics and wisdom

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