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Social and public policy supervisors

Higher Degree by Research

The Northern Institute at CDU is a hub for research expertise and leadership and our researchers are recognised as leaders in their fields.

Our research aims to understand regional development and provide strong evidence for policy development and capacity building, responding to the needs of governments and communities.

Our capacity is developed through the involvement of PhD and Master by Research students who can examine issues deeply when partnering with stakeholders.

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Judy Lovell

Dr Judith Lovell

Dr Judith Lovell is a Senior Research Fellow with Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University.

Research interests:

  • Aboriginal community partnerships
  • strategic organisational policy – governance and business
  • activating capability in remote and regional populations
  • arts-based process (health, education, enterprise)
  • visual jurisprudence.
Meet Judith
Dr Rolf Gerristen

Dr Rolf Gerritsen

Before joining Charles Darwin University in late 2007, Professor Gerritsen was the “Outback Livelihoods” professorial project leader in the Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre (2006-07).

Research interests:

  • economic and regional development policy
  • remote and northern Australian development
  • Indigenous development and community resilience
  • natural resource and conservation management
  • intergovernmental relations, local government and policy management.
Meet Rolf
Dr Linda Ford

Dr Linda Ford

Dr Payi Linda Ford is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Northern Institute. Her knowledge, expertise and research focus on Indigenous issues and her work contributes to understanding locally, nationally and internationally.

Research interests:

  • Indigenous knowledge, and ecological knowledge
  • Indigenous languages
  • Indigenous Women’s Business
  • Indigenous community and enterprise development, early childhood, and land management
  • Indigenous higher education post-colonialism
  • Law Indigenous Studies
Meet Linda
Dr Andrew Taylor

Dr Andrew Taylor

Dr Andrew Taylor is a Senior Research Fellow at the Northern Institute at CDU. Andrew researches the causes and consequences of population change for the Northern Territory of Australia and northern regions more broadly.

Research interests:

  • impacts from population changes in northern and sparsely settled areas
  • population projections
  • indigenous populations and changing demography
  • policy implications for population change at communities.
Meet Andrew
Steven Bird

Professor Steven Bird

Professor Steven Bird’s research with Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute is driven by the question of how to create a world that sustains its languages.

Research interests:

  • language maintenance and revitalisation
  • language documentation and description
  • participatory design
  • computational linguistics
  • digital archives.
Meet Steven
Dr Pascal Tremblay

Dr Pascal Tremblay

Pascal is an economist undertaking research connected to Northern Australia’s development.

Research interests:

  • economic analysis
  • tourism business and marketing
  • evaluation and assessment of policies and strategies aiming to enhance economic capabilities in northern Australia and address workforce challenges, including surrounding Aboriginal communities.
Meet Pascal
Kerstin Zander

Associate Professor Kerstin Zander

Kerstin is an environmental economist with a background in agricultural science. Kerstin's research looks at the many relationships between humans and nature with a focus on quantitative research and econometric models.

Research interests:

  • human wellbeing
  • sustainability
  • climate change
  • farming
  • adaption strategies
  • economics.
Meet Kerstin
Ruth Wallace

Professor Ruth Wallace

Professor Ruth Wallace is the Dean of College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, and Director of the Northern Institute at CDU.

Research interests:

  • workforce development in regional and marginalised areas
  • policy implementation in regional areas
  • regional development and growth in remote areas
  • marginalised learners and access to knowledge systems
  • Aboriginal enterprise development in remote areas.
Meet Ruth
Dr Michaela Spencer

Dr Michaela Spencer

Michaela is a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Northern Institute. Her background is in environmental science, sociology, geography and Science and Technology Studies.

Research Interests:

  • Contemporary practices of knowledge and governance
  • Contemporary environmental politics
  • Indigenous research development
  • Collaborative services design
  • Ethnography
  •   Science and Technology Studies
Meet Michaela
Associate Professor Anne Lowell

Associate Professor Anne Lowell

Anne Lowell is a Principal Research Fellow in the Northern Institute and specialises in collaborative qualitative research and community education with remote Aboriginal communities.

Research Interests:

  • intercultural communication
  • Indigenous health and early childhood
  • culturally responsive policy and practice
  • Indigenous culture and linguistics.
Meet Anne
Dr Deepika Mathur

Dr Deepika Mathur

Dr Deepika Mathur is a Research Fellow based at the Alice Springs campus. Her area of research is examining ways regional towns can be made more sustainable and healthy, through the built environment.

Research interests:

  • construction waste management
  • waste from solar energy systems
  • sustainable architecture
Meet Deepika
Dr Tracy Woodroffe Newsroom

Dr Tracy Woodroffe

Dr Tracy Woodroffe is a Lecturer and Course Coordinator in the College of Indigenous Futures, Arts & Society. She welcomes inquiries from prospective Master by Research and PhD students for supervision in her areas of interest.

Research Interests:

  • Indigenous education and leadership
  • knowledge systems
  • classroom practice and assessment
  • teacher education
Meet Tracy
Professor Michael Christie

Professor Michael Christie

Michael is a Principal Researcher with Northern Institute and heads the Contemporary Indigenous Governance and Knowledge Systems research team. Michael has lived in and worked with Yolŋu communities for over 40 years.

Research Interests:

  • Yolngu languages and culture
  • Yolngu philosophy and education
  • transdisciplinary and Indigenous research
Meet Michael

I can't find a supervisor who matches my research interest. What can I do?

If you've been unable to find a supervisor from the list above, you can use the researchers portal to find researchers from related fields.

  • Use one or two keywords to narrow down the list of researchers.
  • Each research profile will indicate if the researcher has the capacity to supervise.

Once you've found a suitable supervisor, you can contact them using the CDU directory.

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