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Higher Degree by Research

The College of Education’s academic staff have national and international expertise and provide support for students in a range of specialisations. Research focuses on capacity building and linking what we know, what we teach and how we learn. Topics include EdTech, data literacy and digital futures, wellbeing and harm prevention programs, the diverse nature of teachers and learners, and questions of equity.

In the arts, our research is largely around the role of artistic creativity and cultural innovation in human societies. This includes the role of the arts in fostering individual and community wellbeing and reducing conflict; creativity in the arts, media, and sciences; cultural learning and evolution; and the practice and cultural history of languages.

I can't find a supervisor who matches my research interest. What can I do?

If you've been unable to find a supervisor from the list above, you can use the researchers portal to find researchers from related fields.

  • Use one or two keywords to narrow down the list of researchers.
  • Each research profile will indicate if the researcher has the capacity to supervise.

Once you've found a suitable supervisor, you can contact them using the CDU directory.

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