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Associate Professor Erwin Chan

Higher Degree by Research
Erwin Chan

Associate Professor Chan leads research in fibre optics and photonics. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and has contributed over 100 technical publications in this area. He was also the recipient of the University of Sydney Early Career Development Award and the Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded by the Australian Research Council.

Dr Chan’s research in fibre optics and photonics focuses on microwave photonic signal processing, which explores powerful new paradigms for processing high bandwidth signals. This transcends the traditional function of photonics which has until recently focused on signal transmission. His work explores the direct processing of signals that are modulated on an optical carrier.

The research also focuses on optical communications, nonlinear fibre optics, optically-controlled phased arrays, gigahertz/terahertz photonics in communication and radar systems, and fibre optic sensors.

Associate Professor Chan is available to supervise PhD and Master’s by Research in fibre optics and photonics.

There are opportunities to undertake research projects in:

  • photonic signal processing
  • light wave synthesisers
  • optically-controlled phased arrays
  • photonic downconverters
  • optical fibre transmission and interference mitigation filters
  • photonics-based arbitrary waveform generators
  • fibre optic sensors for structural monitoring, chemical and biological applications, and the oil and gas industry.

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