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Dr Naveen Kumar Elumalai

Naveen Kumar Elumalai

Development of clean-energy technologies and sustainable material systems play a prominent role in addressing the global energy demand and growing material needs of the mankind. Advances in material synthesis and characterization techniques present exciting opportunities in fostering innovative technologies and deploying them for a diversity of applications.

With expertise in nanomaterials engineering, device fabrication and advanced opto-electronic characterization methods, Dr Naveen Elumalai leads an interdisciplinary research program to develop innovative nanostructured materials and devices for applications in advanced photovoltaics, electro-mechanical sensors, flexible electronics (wearable tech), and self-cleaning coatings.

Dr Naveen also specializes in Electrospinning technique for nanofiber synthesis and electro-chemical characterization (Impedance spectroscopy) for interface analysis. He is also involved in developing novel materials/alloys for Additive Manufacturing in collaboration with Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (AMA) for applications in Automobile and Aerospace industry.

Prospective students who have an interest in Renewable energy technologies, Energy materials, Nanocomposites fabrication, Flexible electro-mechanical sensors, Photocatalytic self-cleaning coatings, Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells, are encouraged to contact Dr Naveen for further information.

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