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Driving Innovations in Clean Energy Technologies and Sustainable Materials for a Greener Future.

Development of clean-energy technologies and sustainable material systems plays a prominent role in addressing the global energy demand and growing material needs of mankind. Advances in material synthesis and characterization techniques present exciting opportunities for fostering innovative technologies and deploying them for diverse applications.

Dr Naveen Elumalai is a distinguished expert in clean energy technologies and sustainable material systems. Recognized among the top 2% of scientists globally by Stanford University in 2022, he is committed to addressing the growing global energy demand and material needs of humanity through cutting-edge research and collaborative initiatives.

He has authored over 70 articles in prestigious international journals, with an h-index of 36 and 4,324 citations as of March 2023. (Google Scholar)

Dr Naveen's research is at the forefront of developing innovative clean energy technologies and sustainable materials to address the increasing global energy demand and material needs. His interdisciplinary research program focuses on the synthesis and characterization of advanced nanostructured materials and devices, utilizing his expertise in nanomaterials engineering, device fabrication, and advanced optoelectronic characterization methods.

His research interests encompass a wide range of cutting-edge topics, including:

  • Energy materials 
  • Electrospinning Nanostructures
  • Green Hydrogen 
  • Air Stable Batteries and PEC cells
  • Organic Solar Cells and Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Photocatalytic self-cleaning coatings
  • Advanced Manufacturing (3D Printing and Cold Spray)
  • Advanced Electrochemical Characterization 

Prospective students will have the opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey toward a sustainable future, work with world-class researchers, and develop their skills in a stimulating environment that nurtures innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Interested students, please contact Dr Naveen for further information.

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