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Dr Vinuthaa Murthy

Higher Degree by Research
Dr Vinuthaa Murthy

Dr Vinuthaa Murthy is a Senior lecturer in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Dr Murthy’s expertise is on applying Computational and Analytical Chemistry techniques to solve the structural properties of Nanoparticles to inorganic material. She has applied molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry in combination with analytical techniques to gain atomic level understanding of the surface morphology of metal carbides, Zeolites and Layered double hydroxides.

Some of her previous projects include, theoretical/computational investigations of reactivity of corrosion resistant metal carbides and ion exchange properties of zeolites and hydrotalcites.

 Dr Murthy’s current research focuses on nano-chemistry with applications in two main areas-

  1. Removal of emerging contaminates in waste waters using nanoparticles.

  2. Design and characterisation of nano-systems conjugated with native plant extracts with biomedical applications

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